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    This cemetery is located on the former James T. Atchison land.  James received this land as an original land grant  deed #3545? on May 17, 1831. The land in Bibb Co. AL (now Chilton Co.), is located in the SW 1/4 of Section 23 of Township 22 in Range 12 in the district of lands subject to sale at Cahaba Alabama containing 160 acres and 18/100 of an acres. Jesse Rae Willette remembers playing near the cemetery when she was a child.  It only had a few stones and was near a creek. Morgan Creek runs within 100 yards of the cemetery. 

    Direction to Atchison Cemetery according to Cemeteries of Chilton, page 273:

From Maplesville State 22 east to ST 191 left turn for about 5.0 miles, left turn on dirt road.  Follow this road about 1.25 miles to crossing of creek.  Cemetery in woods on right about 1100 feet. Surveyed by Frank and T.A. Brown, Benjamin D. Roberts on May 4, 1989, Cemetery overgrown, no graves located.

    On February 3, 2005 a group of Atchison descendants which included Joel Atchison, Howell Atchison, Donald and Carol Atchison and David and Martha Wright, trouped out in the International Paper land north of Maplesville to descend on the remnant of the Atchison Cemetery. With tools in hand the group approached the ribbon marked area, and could see only 3 marble stones standing under a large amount of underbrush. After working for 3 hours it was determined by the group that there must be at least 12-15 graves in an 60' x 60' area.

    Here are some of the names of persons that are believed to be buried in this cemetery.



Located in Chilton County, Alabama
SURNAME [MAIDEN NAME] Given Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse Comment
ATCHISON James T. abt 1770 October 1843 UNKNOWN

ATCHISON Bennett A. 1797 Bef 1860 UNKNOWN, Eliza
ATCHISON Samuel J. 1817 Unknown CRUMPTON, Mary

ATCHISON Yancy Dwyer 1808 Unknown GIBSON, Susannah



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