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 1920 THORSBY Beat



Chilton County                                                                                     Supervisor's District No. 4

Enumeration District No. 48

Sheet No. 1

Precinct Thorsby                                                                                                                              

Enumerated by me on the Jan 6, 1920, J. L. Ruffin, enumerator


1/1 Robinson T.W. Head O/F M W 50 M AL GA AL
    Eliza Wife   F W 44 M AL AL AL
    Tom Son   M W 20 S AL AL AL
    Jerome Daughter   F W 16 S AL AL  
    Edith Daughter   F W 12 S AL AL  
    Henry Son   M W 9 S AL AL  
    Mary Sue Daughter   F W 7 S AL AL  
  Maddox Elizabeth Mother   F W 67 Wd AL SC  
/2 Bice Clarence Head R M W 32 M AL GA  
    Lila Mae Wife   F W 27 M AL AL  
  Nor Virginia Daughter   F W 6 S AL    
2/3 Howard Charles S. Head O/F M W 35 M WI Norway  
    S Wife   F W 31 M IO WI  
    Loyd S. Son   M W 7 S AL    
    Ella Daughter   F W 4 S AL Denmark  
/4 Johnson Robert Head O/F M W 64 M Denmark    
    Hannah C. Wife   F W 56 ,M Denmark    
4/5 Heaton George R. Head O/F M W 60 M AL    
      Wife   F W 60 M AL    
    Hattie M. Son   M W 31 S AL    
    Rose R. Son   M W 27 S AL    
5/6 Thomson Carl N. Head O/F M W 56 M Denmark    
    Annie R. Wife   F W 54 M IL    
6/7 Edler Wallace C. Head R M W 77 Wd NY    
7/8 Peterson Albert Head R M W 45 M WI    
    Loretta Wife   F W 34 M NY    
8/9 English Sam Head O/F M W 53 M AL    
    Laura Wife   F W 52 M AL    
  Maddox Patience Mother   F W 78 Wd AL    
  Lenoir Ruby Daughter                
    Catherine Granddaughter                
9/10 Carlo? Jno A. Head                
    Anna Wife                
    Raymond Son                
    Pearl Daughter                
    Claus F. Brother                
10/12 Winslow John L. Head                
    Della M. Wife                
    Luella E. Daughter                
  Binford William P. Father                
    Ester G. Mother                
11/12 Clackler Pink Head                
    Ruth Wife                
    Erin Son                
    Argnie Daughter                
12/14 Marcus A.C. Head                
    Anna E. Wife                
    Leonard Son                
    Eugene Son                
    Edlean Daughter                

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