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 1930 Stanton Beat

PAGE 1 (HOUSEHOLDS 1/1-10/10 McCormic, Smith, Wallace, Cook, Carter, Ruddick and Houston)

PAGE 2 (HH11/11-21/22 Houston, Dyer, Connell, Schurter, Burnett, Densmore, Gandy, Cox, Warren, Ingram, Thrash and Cates)

PAGE 3 (HH 21/23-31/34 Keener, Jones, Miller, Nichols, Hayes, Garner, Burt, Broadhead, Davis, Gregg, Rush, Selman and Seymore)

PAGE 4 (HH 32/35-40/43 Latham, Davis, Harris, Peoples, Heard, Moore, Gregg and Bearden)

PAGE 5 (HH41/44-49/52 Harrison, Rominger, Cagle, Thornton, Woolley, Ray, Huff, Davis, Miller and Parnell, and Huff)

PAGE 6 (HH 50/53-63/66 Mitchell, Parnell, Oden, Ray, Bearden, McGee, Brown, Pope, Johnson, Sunday, Rollin, Jones, Suther)

PAGE 7 (HH 64/67-74/77 Mitchell, Gregg, Fuller, Pryor, Baily, Heard, Ratliff, Reynolds, Gay, Friday, Herd, Andrews, Brantly, Woods, McKinney)

PAGE 8 (HH 75/78-81/84 Hicks, Latham, Woods, Goodwin, Peoples, Tate, Fowler, Sox, Suttles and Smitherman)

PAGE 9 (HH 81/84-94/98 Hathcock, Milstead, O'Neal, Terry, Reynolds, Hayes, Sample, Pye, Fuller, Shepherd, Brown, Terry, Eaves, Cole, Lovelady, and Harris)

PAGE 10 (HH 94/99-104/108 Davis, Chandler, Campbell, Smith, Peoples, Arnold, Fuller, Heard, Harvel, Martin, Eaves, Arnold and Green)

PAGE 11 (HH 105/109-117/124 Green, Parnell, Rush, Davis, Phelps, DuBose, Shelton, Bailey, Nix, Alexander, Parnell, Whitfield, Sander, Johnson andWaters)

PAGE 12 (HH 118/125-127/134 Waters, Hall, Craig, Hawkins, Vinson, Givon, Parker, Hennley, Morrow, Allen, Bearden and Ford)

PAGE 13 (HH 128/135-140/147 Ford, Cox, Adams, Wilson, Callaway, Woods, Osburn, Sutton, McGee, Shepperd, Jones, Irby, Waters, Mahan and Shelton)

PAGE 14 (HH 140/147-151/158 Woods, Gay, Long, Wallace, Bailey, Osburn, Barnes, Harris, Rush, Sims, Waters, McElwin, Jackson, May and Harvilll)

PAGE 15 (HH151/158-161/168 Harvill, Milling, Gay, Shelton, Kimbrough, Melton, Bearden, Gay, Johnson and Watters)

PAGE 16 (HH 161/168-170/177 McGee, Waters, Bolton, Rush, Scarley, Rush, Bigley, Rush, Morrow, Harvill, Bearden and Harvill)

PAGE 17(HH 170/177-179/186 Suttles, Bearden, Stoudermire, Morrow, Harvill, Howard, Mosely, Melton and Keener)

PAGE 18 (HH 180/187-190/197 Nichols, Heard, Ford, Bell, Lanier, Rasberry, Royster, Lovelady, Harrison, Friday, O’Neal, Hamm and Harrison)

PAGE 19 (HH 191/198-204/211 Rush, Friday, Hamm, Friday, Buckelew, Horn, Craig, Lovelady, Carter, Gay, Daniel and Ware)

PAGE 20 (HH 205/212-215/222 Green, Harris, Honeycutt, Mull, Lester, Golson, Grover, Lenoir, Foshee, Lenoir, Lawley, Rolison and Arnold)

PAGE 21 (HH 215/222-221/228 McLean, Abrams, Chambers, Klinner, Giles, Rucker and Russell)

PAGE 22 (HH 222/229-231/238 Abrams, Lenoir, Roseberry, Apperson, Roberts, Walker and Keener)

PAGE 23 (HH 231/238-239/246 Mull, Walker, Harrison, Lenoir, Wilson, Mitchell and Patterson)

PAGE 24 (HH 240/247-247/254 Wright, Williams, Deramus, Frith, Harris, Lawery, Matthews, Moore, Smith, Holts, Johnson, Newberry, Fulmer, Langston, Glaze and Ousley)

PAGE 25 (HH 247/254-260/267 Poe, Hamm, Walker, Morrow, Edmond, Walker, Patterson, Moore, Hill, Driskel, Walker, Vinson, Jones and Moore)

PAGE 26 (HH 260/267-271/278 Moore, Keener, Walker, Johnson, Chandler, Lockhart, Hicks, Ousley, McCullough, Broadhead, Sims, Roberts, Gray, Pierce, Gray and Harris)

PAGE 27 (HH 271/278-272/279, 15/16, 47/50 Jones, Gantt and Warren)