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Generation No. 1


1.  PETER KORTBEK1 VILLADSEN was born June 20, 1858 in Schelveg Holstein, Denmark, and died August 23, 1917 in Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL1,2,3,4.  He married ANNA RASMUSSEN SKOV 1889 in Chicago, IL, daughter of RASMUS SKOV and MAREN SORENSEN.  She was born June 24, 1866 in Denmark, and died February 21, 1944 in Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL5,6.



Information received from Wayne Villadsen which he copied from a history of the Villadsen family dictated by Arthur Peter Villadsen sometime shortly before his death in 1976.


        Peter Kortbeck Villadsen was born in Denmark on the northern coast of Jutland.  He grew up on a farm called Kortbeck owned by his father.  He was given the middle name of Kortbeck for the farm and home place.  At the time he grew up, there was compulsory military service in Denmark and he was conscripted into the Danish Army for 3 years.  He became the equivalent of a Sergent Major because of his proficiency in records and his excellent handwriting.  When his tour of duty was ended he decided to come to the United States because of all the things he had heard from relatives and friends who had returned from America to visit. 

        In 18?? he came to the United States and worked at various jobs, traveling to Mexico and as far west as Montana.  He was working in Chicago, IL. when he met Anna Skov who was visiting from Denmark.  She was from the island of Fynn and lived in the town of Oden.

        They were married in Chicago about 1888 and Reno Skov Villadsen was born in Cleveland, OH. on January 20, 1891.  Peter K. Villadsen was employed as a motorman on a streetcar.  They lived at 52nd Street and Cottage Grove Ave.  Arthur Peter Villadsen, their second son, was born in Chicago on July 3, 1895.  On October 17, 1894, Peter Kortbeck Villadsen became a naturalized citizen of the United States.                      

        In November, 1900, the family moved to Thorsby, AL.  Peter K. Villadsen and his brother-in-law, Soren Skov, built two houses and a woodworking shop in Thorsby.  Soren Skov stayed in Thorsby about 2 years and moved back to Cleveland, OH.  He sold his part of the business to Peter.

Peter operated the woodwork shop and later built a sawmill to provide lumber for the woodworking business.  The two sons, Reno and Arthur operated the sawmill and cut the timber to supply the mill.

        Peter K. Villadsen was Secretary-Manager of the Thorsby Fruit Growers Association for several years.

        Marguerite and Arleen were born in Thorsby and both daughters died in childhood.  In 1917 Peter K. Villadsen died from a heart attack and was buried in the Scandinavian Cemetery in Thorsby near his two daughters.  Anna Skov Villadsen continued to live in Thorsby until her death in 1944.  She is also buried in the Scandinavian Cemetery.


        According to a letter that Wayne Villadsen received from the Danes Worldwide Archives on September 13, 1995 , Peter Kortbeck Villadsen was born Peter Hansen Villadsen.  He immigrated from Denmark at the age of 22, listing his occupation as a Carpenter.  His last place of residence was Slesvig and his destination was New York, contract number 1634.  The date of registration was April 10, 1881 and the ship was Thingvalla.



From "A Short History of Thorsby" by Pauline Poole Howard:


        Thorsby is the youngest town in Chilton county and has a most interesting history dating back to the year 1895.  This is the year that three men came down from the North in search of a suitable place to start a community to which People in the cold northern climate could locate in a milder climate.  These men were favorably impressed with this section of the country and they decided to form a land company which was named the Concordia Land and Improvement Association.  They were able to buy four or more square miles of mostly wooded area from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company whose line from Birmingham to Montgomery ran through the center of the property.  The three men who formed the land company were Mr. J.F. Petersen, Mr. E.N. Faegre and Mr. T.T. Thorson for whom the town was later named.  They came from Iowa and Indiana.  After the land was bought they lost no time in starting a settlement here.  They had it surveyed and laid out mostly in ten acre tracts, cut some timber from each tract, broke up the soil and planted and trellised a few acres in grapes on each tract.  Since there was no stock law at that time cattle, hogs, etc. had free range, therefore these 10 acre tracts were all fenced in using fat pine posts and lumber.  In the meantime advertisements were placed in the newspapers of many northern cities and this brought many people here.

        Scandinavian immigrants, upon coming to this country, had settled mostly in the North and Midwest and the winters in those sections were so cold it made working conditions bad and also many suffered from bronchitis and tuberculosis.  When they heard about this Scandinavian or northern colony being formed in the heart of Alabama with its desirable climate and fertile soil many families made their way south.  The men who formed the land Company sent agents back north to tell the people about this wonderful climate and how fruits and vegetables could be grown so easily.  According to Mr. Carl Turnquist, now deceased, they gave lectures, gathering the people together in neighbor's yards preaching about this land.  Beautiful pictures of beans, grapes and other fruit were shown to illustrate just how fertile the soil was.  Railroad tickets were reduced in price to encourage the people to settle here.  Some of those who came were disillusioned and went back, but most of them stayed.  Of these were mostly Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, but there were also German, Dutch, Irish and English who came.  The trades and talents of these new settlers were varied.  Some were carpenters, interior decorators, bakers, tailors, brick layers and others--thus it was not long before the town was going forward with vigor, and as timber was cut and crops planted, houses were built along the architectural lines of the northern and midwestern homes.  Many of these houses are still standing and kept in good repair.

        Thorsby got its name from Mr. Thorson, one of the land agents--the last 'by' meaning 'town' in Swedish.

        The Land Company built a nice three story frame hotel with verandas for each floor all along two sides of the building.  This hotel was located just west of what is now the Wilburt Marcus home on the hill overlooking the town site, which was all at that time on the west side of the railroad.  Thus land seekers had a good place to stay while shopping around for a home site.

        About the first industry started was a saw mill and a year or so later a planing mill and wood working factory was developed by Mr. Villadsen.  He made doors, windows, sashes and other building supplies.  Also two wineries were installed to process the grapes which had been grown on the several hundred acres at the height of the business.  The wine was marketed in distant cities-much of it going to Georgia.  Peach orchards were soon planted.  Mr Marin Petersen, a Dane, introduced the growing of peaches to his area in 1903.  The peach crops soon suffered because of insects and diseases, also blight-because science had not then learned how to fight these things.  However, for a few years bumper crops were harvested and mostly shipped in carload lots to Chicago and other Northern cities.  The Thorsby Fruit and Truck Growers Association was organized in 1908.  Strawberries proved to be a money-making crop for this area and each spring many carloads of strawberries were loaded at the depot destined for northern cities.  After several years strawberries on a big scale were discontinued because of a drop in price.  In later years peaches were re-introduced in Chilton County and many acres were planted bringing in good income for many families.

        In its early days Thorsby had, besides the planing mill, saw mill, and wood-working factory, a cotton gin, canning factory, blacksmith shop, bakery, flour mill, bank, carnation farm, the wineries, as mentioned before, a brick yard and a cotton warehouse and fertilizer factory.

        Prosperity and contentment seemed to reign in this newly settled place and the native Southerners who were also hardworking people worked with these new settlers to make Thorsby a productive, pleasant place to live.



Address : 1900, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL

Burial: August 27, 1917, Scandinavian Cemetery, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL

Last Residence: Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL

Medical : Died of Heart attack during the night at his home in Thorsby, AL

Military: Danish Army, rank equivalent to Sergent-Major

Occupation: Carpenter

Information: October 17, 1894, Became a Naturalized Citizen in Cook Co. IL on October 17, 1894.

Religion: Congregational Church, Thorsby, AL



        Ane Rasmussen Skov immigrated to Baltimore at the age of 15.  She left Fragde, Odense on the ship Indirekte.  Her contract number was 3153 and the date of registration was May 6, 1881.  This information was received from Danes Worldwide Archives on 9/13/95 by Wayne Villadsen.



Address : Fraugde, Odense at time of immigration. Destination was Baltimore.

Burial: Scandinavian Cemetery, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL

Last Residence: Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL

Occupation: Seamstress at age 15

Information 1: Anna at the age of 11 years made a crossstitch sampler which is in the possession of Martha Wright

Information 2: Newspaper Article7

Religion: Lutheran, Christian Scientist



Marriage: 1889, Chicago, IL


Children of PETER VILLADSEN and ANNA SKOV are:

2.                i.       RENO SKOV2 VILLADSEN I, b. January 20, 1891, Cleveland, OH; d. December 14, 1963, Birmingham hospital, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL.

3.               ii.       ARTHUR PETER VILLADSEN, b. July 03, 1895, Chicago, IL; d. January 1976.

                 iii.       MARGUERITE VILLADSEN, b. 1902, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL; d. 19028.



Burial: Scandinavian Cemetery, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL


                 iv.       ARLEEN VILLADSEN, b. 1903, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL; d. 19109.



Burial: Scandinavian Cemetery, Thorsby, Chilton Co. AL



Generation No. 2


2.  RENO SKOV2 VILLADSEN I (PETER KORTBEK1) was born January 20, 1891 in Cleveland, OH10, and died December 14, 1963 in Birmingham hospital, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL10,11.  He married LIDE WILSON LOYD January 20, 1914 in Republic, AL, home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fox, by James Glasgow, a Methodist Minister, daughter of MACK LOYD and NANCY PITCHFORD.  She was born October 13, 1894 in Sulligent, Lamar Co. AL, and died February 01, 1990 in Briarcliff Nursing Home, Pelham, Shelby Co. AL.









Address  1: about 1960, 42nd St. South, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Address  2: about 1945, 621 Idlewild Circle, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Burial: December 16, 1963, Elmwood Cemetery, Block 31, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Hobbies: Rock Collecting, collected minerals, fossils and Indian artifacts

Information: before 1956, Reno was a Surveyor for many of the bridges built in AL while working for the Alabama Highway Department.

Last Residence: Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Medical : November 23, 1963, Died after heart attack suffered the day Kennedy was assasinated

Occupation 1: between 1956 - 1963, Director for the Walker County, AL Engineering Department

Occupation 2: before 1956, Engineer in the Alabama Highway Department

Occupation 3: before 1956, Federal government engineer at Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Religion: Methodist



        As written by Lide Wilson Lloyd Villadsen 3/21/1980:


        In the early spring of 1902, my mother (Nancy Louise Isabell Pitchford Lloyd) and father (Mack Wilson Lloyd) moved from Carbon Hill, Alabama to Sallisaw, Indian Territory (I.T.), acting on the insistence of my two half-sisters, Dora Lloyd Loggaine of Sallisaw and Virginia (Virgie) Lloyd Bloodworth of Shawnee, OK. who had visited with us the previous Christmas.  En route to Sallisaw, my mother and I parted with my father and sister Daisy (Sharp) at Poteau, OK. and went on to Red Oak, Arkansas, to visit grandmother (Nancy Aveline Beatty Pitchford) for whom my sister (Ethel Aveline Lloyd Fox) then living in Coal Valley, Alabama was named.  Grandmother, at the time lived with her son Tom, his second wife and two or three of his children.  I am not quite sure but I think there was a son of Tom's from a former marriage.  On the train going out from Memphis to Poteau, I was exposed to a case of red measles by a little girl with a 'rash' as we spent some time 'playing dolls' together.  Some day after our arrival in Red Oak, I came down with measles and all members of the household, except Uncle Tom had 'them' (measles) in one degree or another, over a period of a few weeks.  Grandmother seemed to be hit pretty hard but finally got well again so we, my mother and I, were able to travel on to Sallisaw where we found that my father and sister Daisy had rented a house and were to some extent settled.  My mother then contracted what must have been a form of measles, perhaps her germs had been slow in taking hold, in fact I remember some talk of it being something called 'roseolla'.  My memory is not too clear on all of this as the shock of my mother's death left me in a state of shock.

        (I do recall some mention of Henry Pitchford of Hartford, AR, an uncle.)

        My purpose in writing this account is to set the record of children of John Bowen Pitchford and his wife Nancy Aveline Beatty Pitchford straight.  It is not my intention to confuse the findings of any researchers who seem to have uncovered so much of the family's early history.




Address  1: about 1960, 42nd St. South Birmingham, AL

Address  2: about 1914, Corona, Walker Co. AL

Address  3: about 1923, Aldrich, Shelby Co. AL

Address  4: about 1945, 621 Idlewild Circle, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Block 31, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Last Residence: Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL13

Medical: Died in Briarcliff Nursing Home, Alabaster, Shelby Co. AL

Nickname: Granny

Occupation: Housewife

Religion: Methodist




Marriage: January 20, 1914, Republic, AL, home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fox, by James Glasgow, a Methodist Minister

Marriage Fact: Ceremony at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Fox by James Glasgow


Children of RENO VILLADSEN and LIDE LOYD are:

4.                i.       JAMES ARTHUR 'JIM'3 VILLADSEN, b. November 21, 1914, Corona, Walker Co. AL; d. September 19, 1994, VA Nursing Home, Alexander City, AL.

5.               ii.       ARLEEN ISABELLE VILLADSEN, b. March 24, 1916, Corona, Walker Co. AL; d. August 05, 1986, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

6.              iii.       RENO SKOV 'BUDDY' VILLADSEN II, b. April 14, 1918, Townley, AL; d. February 1968, Orange, TX.

7.              iv.       PETER LLOYD VILLADSEN, b. July 23, 1920, Corona, Walker Co. AL; d. December 21, 1950, Downtown Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL.

8.               v.       WILSON WAYNE VILLADSEN, SR., b. March 01, 1923, Aldrich, Shelby Co. AL.

                 vi.       MORRIS KORTBEK VILLADSEN, b. February 05, 1924, Aldrich, Shelby Co. AL.



Address: Malibu Beach, CA

Military: WWII

Occupation: Writer

Information: December 15, 1994, Mistakenly thought to be dead because his name appeared on the SS Death Records, but he is in a nursing home in CA



3.  ARTHUR PETER2 VILLADSEN (PETER KORTBEK1) was born July 03, 1895 in Chicago, IL, and died January 1976.  He married EDITH AILEEN ROBINSON in Thorsby, Chilton Co.  AL.  She was born November 08, 1906, and died March 1974.



Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Montgomery Co. AL

Last Residence: 36109, Montgomery, Montgomery Co. AL13

Military: WWI

Information: Newspaper Article14

Preferred Name: Art




Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Montgomery Co. AL

Last Residence: 36109, Montgomery, Montgomery Co. AL15



Marriage: Thorsby, Chilton Co.  AL





Generation No. 3


4.  JAMES ARTHUR 'JIM'3 VILLADSEN (RENO SKOV2, PETER KORTBEK1) was born November 21, 1914 in Corona, Walker Co. AL, and died September 19, 1994 in VA Nursing Home, Alexander City, AL.  He married OPAL WENONA MCCORMICK September 15, 1951 in First Baptist Church, Fairfield, Jefferson Co. AL, daughter of JAMES MCCORMICK and FLORA STUBBLEFIELD.  She was born September 17, 1921 in Morrison, Warren Co. TN.




Marriage: September 15, 1951, First Baptist Church, Fairfield, Jefferson Co. AL




5.  ARLEEN ISABELLE3 VILLADSEN (RENO SKOV2, PETER KORTBEK1) was born March 24, 1916 in Corona, Walker Co. AL17, and died August 05, 1986 in Fort Lauderdale, FL17.  She married LEONARD FROST 'RUSTY' PAYNE, son of UNKNOWN PAYNE and OPAL UNKNOWN.  He was born January 24, 1910 in Calera, Shelby Co. AL, and died August 28, 1999 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.



Card sent to Lide Villadsen after funeral:

        In Memory of

           ARLEEN I. PAYNE

March 24, 1916-Aug. 5, 1986


        Services from

Fairchild North Federal Chapel

Sat., Aug. 9, 1986-10:00 A.M.            


     Clergyman Officiating

     Dr. Robert R. Barber

First United Methodist Church



    Lauderdale Memorial Park



          Arrangements by

     Fairchild Funeral Homes

       Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.




Address: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Burial: August 09, 1986, Lauderdale Memorial Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last Residence: 33315, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward Co. FL17

Medical : Arthritis, Cataracts




Address : Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hobbies: Fishing

Preferred Name: Rusty



6.  RENO SKOV 'BUDDY'3 VILLADSEN II (RENO SKOV2, PETER KORTBEK1) was born April 14, 1918 in Townley, AL, and died February 1968 in Orange, TX.  He married DELTA JOAN 'JOANNE' RICHARD in Birmingham, Jefferson Co.  AL. 



Address : Orange, TX

Last Residence: Orange, TX18

Medical : Died of Pancreatic Cancer

Military: Army Corp of Engineers, WWII

Preferred Name: Buddy

Religion: Catholic




Address : Orange TX

Religion: Catholic



Marriage: Birmingham, Jefferson Co.  AL




7.  PETER LLOYD3 VILLADSEN (RENO SKOV2, PETER KORTBEK1) was born July 23, 1920 in Corona, Walker Co. AL, and died December 21, 1950 in Downtown Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL.  He married MATTIE MARGARITE LESSLEY July 03, 1941 in Calera, Shelby Co. AL, daughter of JAMES LESSLEY and MARGARET DANIEL.  She was born November 09, 1921 in Talladega, Talladega Co. AL.



Address : Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Block 31, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Medical : Fell down elevator shaft in Downtown Birmingham department store.

Military: U.S. Army WWII, fought at Bastone in Battle of the Bulge

Occupation: Salesman



Address : 1994, Brownsville, AL



Marriage: July 03, 1941, Calera, Shelby Co. AL




8.  WILSON WAYNE3 VILLADSEN, SR. (RENO SKOV2, PETER KORTBEK1) was born March 01, 1923 in Aldrich, Shelby Co. AL.  He married (1) JACQUELIN MARZELL WOOLLEY, daughter of SAMUEL WOOLLEY and ERA FALKNER.  She was born September 28, 1924 in El Dorado, AR, and died December 27, 1967 in Albany, GA.  He married (2) KATHLEEN HERNDON 1968. 



Address : 1994, St. Augustine, FL

Military: U.S. Army WWII, SIG. CO. AVN. 34705705



From Wayne Villadsen, Jr.:

        On December 20, 1967, while driving from Birmingham to Jacksonville, FL, the VW they were driving hit a cow in the road that had escaped its fence near Albany, GA.  Susan Villadsen and a business associate of Wayne, Sr. were in a car following and saw the accident.  I was beginning Christmas holidays from teaching at Mowat Jr. High in Panama City and left immediately for Phoebe Putney hospital in Albany, GA.  Mother lived for 6 days following the accident and died at approximately 2:30 AM on December 27, 1967 from an embolism from her severely broken left leg.


Wayne Villadsen, Jr.

May 7, 1994




Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Block 31, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL

Medical: Killed in Car accident near Albany, GA.



Death of one spouse: 1967, Albany, GA



Marriage: 1968







1.  Genealogical Abstracts from Chilton County Newspapers 1898 through 1945, compiled by Cecil Little, 9-06-1917:  Peter K. Villadsen died Thorsby Aug. 23..

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3.  "Clanton Press," No longer in print, Thursday, August 30, 1917, People of Thorsby and vicinity were shocked last Friday morning to learn of the sudden death during the night of Mr. P. K. Villadsen, who retired in apparent good health and awoke in the night complaining of pain and died before the doctor could reach the house.  The funeral was held on Tuesday at 10:30 from the Congregational Church, of which he was a member.  Interment was in Concordia cemetery. Peter Kortbeck Villadsen was born in Morse, Denmar, June 20, 1859.  He was raised on a farm and educated in the schools of Denmark.  He joined the army service for seven years, during which time he received rank as a corporal and became secretary of his batallion.  He came to the United states at the age of twenty six, going first to Chicago for a short stay.  He then spent two years as a hunter and trapper in Colorado and Wyoming, returning to Chicago where he held various positions in the employ of the City Railway Co. He was married in Chicago in 1889 to Anna Skov. They came to Thorsby in 1901. Since coming to Thorsby Mr. Villadsen has been actively connected with many of the organizations for the upbuilding of the town.  At the time of his death he was Secretary and Manager of the Fruit Growers Association.  Past Consul Commander of the W.O.W., member of the Town Council, Chairman of the Federal Farm Loan Committee for Thorsby, was Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Thorsby Institute, and Treasurer of the United Protestant Church.  The town of Thorsby will long bear witness to his untiring labors for its welfare and the beautifying of its park and streets.

4.  "Clanton Press," No longer in print, Thursday, September 6, 1917, Resolutions of Respect  In the world's work it is perfectly natural that we prize most highly the person who renders the largest service, or who serveswith greatest devotion.  It is fitting that some public expression of real appreciation would be made when death puts an end to the physical activities of a co-laborer.  The executive committee of the Board of Trustees of Thorsby Institure hereby attempts to express in part its appreciation of the services of one of its most active and faithful members.  For the past four and one-half years Mr. Peter K. Villadsen, of Thorsby, Ala., was a member of the Board of Trustees of Thorsby Institute, and served in an official capacity the major part of the time.  His devotion to the work and to forego opportunities for personal recreation in order to serve the Institute.  He was ever faithful to attend the meetings of the Board and its several committees of which he was a member.  As a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee he was always working to the end that the property should combine comfort, cleanliness and beauty, and his finger prints and footsteps will be in evidence for years to come.  His desire to see the Thorsby Institute render the hightest service to its growing student body and to the local community seemed to be uppermost in his mind.  In his death August 23, 1917, there was a great loss to his family, his church, and our school.  We extend to his widow and children our sincere sympanthy in this hour of bereavement.  We also rejoice with them in the fact that his life as we knew him was suchas to leave behind him a record for patriotism, high ideals, and large sympathy for his fellowmen.  We pray that his children may emulate his good examples.  Resolved:  That a copy of this resolution be published in the County paper, a copy spread upon our Committee records, and a copy placed in the hands of the widow of our departed friend and brother.  THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THORSBY INST.

5.  Genealogical Abstracts from Chilton County Newspapers 1898 through 1945, compiled by Cecil Little, 2-24-1944, Mrs. Anna Villadsen, age 76, of Thorsby died Monday.  Burial Thorsby Lutheran Concordia Cemetery.  She is survived by 2 Sons, 8 Grandchildren, 1 Sister, and 1 Brother.

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